Saturday, February 18, 2006

caribbean waves

Yeah, another island that had no waves accordning to the natives, and everyone else i asked before going down there. Needless to say, the atlantic may be more fickle than the pacific, but no less consistent. 3 weeks, and the only days i didn't surf, i was either too tired or scared to surf alone due to size/sketchiness of breaks. Definately going back, with more boards/friends.
Check your maps mates, theres empty waves everywhere...

so i been wondering

Why when people are worried do they look up to the sky? What are they looking for? I mean, not everyone believes in a god, right? So, what is it? Is it innate human behaviour to look heavenward, and what does that say about us?

Why do people look outside themselves for the answers to their problems? Usually, you know exactly what to do.

Maybe we all need a little more courage, and faith in ourselves - myself included. After all, the biggest reasons for failure are laziness and fear. Anyone got a pill for that?

A debt of gratitude/unsung heros

Toby - well where would I be without your influence.
"What are these weird looking boards good for?" "How do they go?" "How do the keel fins work?" "Where do you put the fins?" "Quad?Why?"
Thanks for answering all millions of questions, the theory and history lessons, never losing your patience, and all without asking for anything in return.

Keith Perico - well you sure cussed me out enough to make sure I got everything right. Thanks for your help, and patience with the rookie. I still remember all the things you taught me, and the laughs/beers in the parking lot. Thanks for all the history too.

Tony Channin. I can't say thanks enough for even considering hiring me. I mean, no real experience, and you want me to cut holes in new boards? Very brave, thanks a million. Now I am cursed with the shaper/builder bug for life!
Randy Wong. Well, there's no good pictures, but your guidance(patience, also) is immeasurable.Thanks for all you help, and sharing your vast knowledge. Oh yeah, and the sailing lesson has served me well, too.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

3 for 1

here fishy,,,

Thursday, February 09, 2006

not my picture, but can you imagine?
when you got to go....

Saturday, February 04, 2006

yup, life is good

all this technology means?

so, you want your new board to be just like what the pros ride?
hmm, maybe less is more...
por mao, tudo....