Monday, September 29, 2008

ongoing projects..

well, this will be the last post for a while as I have been slacking too much...
this is an 8'6" double wing cheater with wood 747 fins waiting to be glossed.

see you in a week...

Friday, September 26, 2008

road trip...

time to get away and refresh...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

UK vintage twin for resto work

Local guy Barry asked me to restore this gem for him. 
Wonder if I could 'test' it first...

My friend John

Takes some bad ass pictures...

Hadaway en shite man...
don't believe a geordie bastard can take a foto? check his site

Monday, September 15, 2008

Support Surfing's Heritage

See the new issue of Corduroy Lines for the 1st stage of UK businesses fighting back.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cosmic Paradigm Shift, or just good design?

Following on from the previous post, here's a popular picture of Steve Lis' newer template, with the quad set up. The evolution continues, but sometimes comes full circle...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Nothing New Under the Sun

Its funny. Surfing has been around longer than recorded history, and now is probably more popular than ever. Which means there are more minds at work in designing boards than ever. Yet we continually go back to old stuff, whether by choice or accident. "Why is that?" I wonder.

For all of those claiming to have 'new ideas,' it's worth doing your history homework first, and paying a little homage to the past.

Clyde Beatty and Steve Brom were there way before any of us.

two steps forward, 5 back...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

8'6" winged cheater quad for me...

for test purposes only, of course....

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Future is (un)certain

We Shall Overcome...

I know that I am only a small, and relatively new surfboard builder, but the state of the global market is disturbing. As I have moved and lived in several countries in the last 8 years one thing has been constant. Surfing is on the verge of losing its identity, individuality, and ingenuity. The cause? Mass consumerism, and the turning of stoke into a commodity.

I started surfing in the 80s, and while there was already an established 'industry,' there were some remnants of the original, outcast/renegade/individualistic soul of surfing. We bought used boards if we couldn't afford a new one, and weren't afraid to stand out. In fact, you were respected for doing your own thing, except if you were a longboarder of course... But seriously, if you wanted a good board for you, you sourced you local guru and got one tailored to you. Or at the least, the local shop would have staff that understood the stock boards, and could recommend a board that actually would work for you, not just what makes the shop the most money.

These days, most people are opting for close enough, or going the cheap option. I have recently seen, locally, a package deal for £300 for a board, wettie, and bag. Surely, anyone with some sense will realize thats actually not a deal, because you can place a bet that they will fall apart in the following year.

What has happened here in the UK, has been happening in the US for sometime now, and they have been fighting it, to a degree. By insisting on 'made in xxxxx' stamps being placed on the imports, and asking for fair tariff/tax on them as well. The bottom line is these boards are putting respected and talented, if not legendary shapers in serious risk of closing. This is now happening here at home, with companies in the UK closing down. The shops however, seem to be flourishing, making record profits off the imports. Some, that even started out carrying(marketing) only high end, or high quality boards are now stocking mass produced imports under the guise of 'custom.'  You can get a custom spray job, picked out of a book, but forget softening the rails, having a 6x4x6 glass job, or shaving that extra 1/8" off the width.

When I was moving here I emailed two of the biggest UK companies that make 'high quality custom boards and products,' and got the same response : "Sorry but all of our manufacturing has been moved out east for business reasons." Surely.

What will happen in the future? Who knows, but let's hope we can retain our identity. There are some big-ish companies here making beautiful boards, and there are some smaller guys as well. There is a glimmer of hope. A lot of people who are currently riding these cheap boards are finding that they do fall apart, or aren't ideal for them, and they want something better. They want to talk to someone who knows what makes a board work, and can tailor it to their needs.

When you look for your next board, no matter where you are, ask more questions, educate yourself on design from a reputable source, and don't settle for a bland, homogeneous board. Get something that works.

For more information or to get involed, email Homeblown, and support your local businesses.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

So much time later...

Is is possible to gauge how much impact a film will have? I recently re-viewed Thomas Campbell's film Sprout, and it moved me in a way I didn't expect. Now, to be clear, I have practically worn out this DVD since I got it ages ago. So much so, that my wife knows what I'm watching by the first chords on the intro..
It seems strange that a film that re-sparked my desire for a heavy log, and more glide in my surfing in general could, 
after so many viewings, still provide a sense of stoke, and inspiration to draw a different line.
Maybe, its like seeing an old friend, or hearing a song from your youth. But, whatever you think about this film, 
my hat is off to T Moe, and there will always be an open door to new surfcraft, and experiences.

Monday, September 01, 2008

I need a vacation

The Incredible Mose Allison
"Your Mind is on Vacation"