Wednesday, March 22, 2006

the critics

the critics


Dan North said...

Oi Roberto,

Your Eps/epoxy boards are beautiful! I have a couple myself, including a 9'0 EPS canard twinzer longboard, but i did'nt make them myself...

I'm coming back to Brazil. I have a sailboat currently in Jacare, nr Cabedelo, nr Recife!

Have sailed/traveled around Brazil for about a year total, but never south of Ilha Grande and Ilhabela.

Maybe visit you one day soon. I'm in San Diego, Ca. email, SKYPE, YM, AIM id is devasea...

brgds, dan

Realeza said...

hey dan,

thanks for the kind words, i'm trying. how's the longboard go as a twinzer?

I used to live in SD as well, where are you?

anyway, thanks again,