Monday, October 16, 2006

a not too bad day, says i

Hartley Reef?


reverb said...

uhh very good wave!

robert said...

yeah, my new favourite spot.

a little walk down the rocks, under a cliff, then a short paddle out to a rock/reef with a fun left.

to the right of this spot is another reefbreak that isn't surfed because of strong rip currents, but sets up really nice. tempting... but one guy got swept out to sea and wasn't found until 10pm

reverb said...

so, is that an average condition in newport?

Patch said...

I'm jonsing for good waves, looks like they are coming.

BTW, nice shot!

robert said...

hey reverb,

well it does get anywhere from 2-6' regularly. clean before and after swells arrive.

yesterday was 3' and clean today was headhigh and stormy.

i am suprised at the consistency, but sure won't complain...