Wednesday, March 07, 2007

She's getting there...

My new squeegees, for under a buck...

Logos hot off the press

Hotcoat, in a land thats not so hot...4C outside today


Patch said...


rob said...

thanks patch

clayfin said...

bitchin logo

reverb said...

...just following the process...

well done man

whats your opinion about an epoxie Hot Coat?
I mean, the differences with a Poly one?

yes, like I said to you before, the logo is superb
but better if you can silkscreen instead of Pc printer ones
even the serigraphyst ones have better tints and is a cheap method

Rob?royal said...

hey reverb,

yeah, I know how you feel on the logos. just can't find the right paper at the moment...bummer hey?

the epoxy hot/gloss coats suck if you're used to ployester. i have never gotten them to lay flat and completely smooth like with polyester. Even with the Additive F sutff, its better, but not the same.

Anyway, the hotcoat has to be done in epoxy, as polyester will not bond correctly to the epoxy lamination. But, if you sand the hotcoat with 80 grit, and wipe clean with acetone, then let sit for a week to completely cure, you can gloss with poly.

Thanks for your comments.


Thanks man!