Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pavel Dog Pile

The UK Fish Fry was a huge success, and I thimk it is safe to say that everyone thouroughly enjoyed themselves. So much so, that at the Jube bar after, Manny, Chritenson, myself, and the crew from Scallop(portugal)had a dog pile on Pavel after he won a game of fooze(or was it booze?)ball...

I would like to publicly thank Jules, Skelly, and the entire crew at Gulfstream for being such perfect hosts.

Jim, Mick, and the guys at LOKBOX for organizing the event.
To everyone who went, it was a pleasure meeting you all,
and look forward to seeing, and hearing from you again.

The memories(and possibly the hangover..) will last forever, and am looking forward to the next one. Did I hear something about Portugal?


reverb said...

hey Rob, fantastic boards
but the slide 2 is too rapid..
and the 4 and 5 dont work for me

I wish to see some boards in larger pictures..if its possible

like the English boards (Gulfstream?)

whats the feedback about the single fin fish??
very interesting, but in my opinion dont work cause the tail area
tell us whats the guys say about that


clayfin said...

Wow, looks like a fantastic time. I saw the pics on Sways, what a setting, beautiful.

jefferson lopes said...

My friend! I envy you. I could cut a finger to be there and share all this vibe. I guess it needs a special website just to put all the pics in HQ.

Patch said...

The good vibes are oozing off the screen! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

hey jeff,

yeah, it was all time. it was flat out fun all day. the only thing that could make it better were some waves...

yeah, super cool place. i want to move...

thanks man. after looking around, seems i missed some good stuff too though....

tried to slow down the slides, but can't figure it out...
not sure on the single fin, we didn't get to surf, but i can see your point. spin out machine... but if the guy likes it, that's all that matters, right?

thanks you guys