Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dan's Fish

Getting away from the big, round nosed fishes these days.

6'02x21"x 2 3/4"

More for in the pocket surfing at some heavy reefs that Danny surf alone in the mysto NE UK.


lob said...

Look like your skills improve board after board, so coooool. ;)

Rob?royal said...

hey Alex,

Thanks man, means a lot.

Looking forward to catchin up in portugal

Christian said...

Is that a single concave near the tail? Looks sweet!

reverb said...

pretty good outline that you ve got there

congrats for your newspaper exposure

seamouse said...

Looks sweet!

Rob?royal said...

hey seamouse,

thanks for stopping by, and the nice comment


thanks man! I am really getting away from wide noses, except for real traditional fishes these days...