Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Dynamo...

Been tweaking templates again...Been moving away from Fish at the moment, and trying some new-ish
things. At least to me they're new.
Anyway, a blending of several of my favourite boards into the next project,
affectionately named the Dynamo!


reverb said...

the problem that I found with those tails is when the surf ups

but works really good in summer flat, fat conditions

I guess that will be in the 5 2- 5 11
in my opinion, more than these is too much foam for the design


Mitch said...

nice planshape...what fin set up you thinking?

Rob?royal said...

hey reverb,

I agree with you on the tail, but the surf here is rarely overhead, and in those cases, I use a bigger board anyway.

Yeah, the template is based at 5'8" but obviously draws heavily on the fish, so can be scaled easily.

Water temp in the summer is still 8-10C here. We wear 4mm suits and booties even in summer up here, so foam is our friend;)

Hey mitch, am thinking about a single with small sidebites set close to parallel. But the more I look at it, I may go for a quad with large lead fins, and small trailers.

Am just waiting on the blank, so should post some shaped pictures soon.

Thanks for the comments.

Lars said...

That looks like Rob. We've been playing with some similar super-wide tailed non-fishes as well.

Good fun!

42 Surfboards

Lars said...

That looks like fun, is what I meant to say. Not that it looks like you, Rob.

42 Surfboards