Saturday, April 19, 2008

my 1st tradtional long

While I've made 2 longboards earlier this year, and had my hands on/in loads at Channin,
this is the 1st designed and made by my own hand.
It is9'6"x ~23" with 60/40 rails, and a slight concave.
Opaque dull pink and green resin, with brown outline.


paulo jacinto said...

It looks beautiful !!!

reverb said...

...the tail looks too wide or may be is the pict
what about the tail rocker?
single fin, isnt it?
and the glass schedule?

sadly some nice looking fins like the D fins are not so good in the functional department..

Im frustrated with the pigments that selling here
no way, unless do you use White with other color (like this case) that you can do a solid opaque

Rob?royal said...

oi paulo,

obrigadao! As Palavras do maestro sao muito importante...


I'll post some more pictures, but the tail is about 16". It is a single, low rocker - noserider blank - with all 6oz cloth.

I wanted a big heavy log, not so much for 'performance' surfing but more for glide, speed, and grace. I ride a 9.5 flex fin, so it will still turn too...

I can't get good pigments either, and it really bums me out. I wanted to do a dark brown bottom, but no one sells it, and I didn't want to waste pigment trying mix one up. I did use a lot of white to get these colors too....