Saturday, June 14, 2008

Euro Fish Fry Portugal Pictures

Very fitting airline tag...

Some pictures from the event here

I don't really know where to start when it comes to explaining it.

so, here's the link from the surfer mag, forum too:
Clickity click

Thanks to Paulo and Sonia, Sergio and Vera, Alex at Barrel, JP,
Alex, Mick, Trish, and Jim from Lokbox for putting it on,
and to all the great people I met there.

See you next year, or sooner!


jefferson lopes said...

Hi Rob,

Have you checked this video of Euro Fish Fry 2008 on youtube:

reverb said...

...I have 2 questions:

how much for the boards in the plane?

in the pict those "heavy cloud" brand looks interesting
very arty concept too
can you elaborate a bit about?


Rob?royal said...


those heavy cloud boards are from a guy named Marcos, but I couldn't tell you more. He used to glass for Paulo Jacinto. I think that stuff was painted on the hotcoat of boards already done, but not sure.


Beleza? How is floripa?