Friday, October 10, 2008

2 more down..

9'6" semi-trad log for Jay. Red tint bottom with yellow inlay in the concave, resin tail block, and yellow tinted deck.

Tweaked fish template for Johnny with white pigment and wide black pinlines...
Thanks you guys!


reverb said...,
talk me a bit more about the longboard shape

Rob?royal said...

hey reverb,

i can email you the template if you like?

its based on a board the client brought in, and is sorts semi- traditional with 50/50 rails, belly, big nose concave, and a slight edge in the tail. The fin box is 11" from the tail...

waves on thursday here so hope he gets it out for a test...

reverb said..., I dont want the template, thanks

but the bottom resemble some of the Mc Tavish from late 60 s early 70 s

11! from the tail?
so the fin is about 13 or so from the tail..
super forward approach

and it s heavy rockered in the tail or in the last 1/3?