Friday, December 19, 2008

Simzer Redux

Well, finally done, and the weather turned to crap... gotta love the UK...
1.5lb eps with white/blue/seafoam pigment in the lam - 2x6oz bottom, and 3x6oz deck, posca pinlines. Lokbox bonzer lead fins, and the Doc Keel.
Waves next week for the 1st test...counting down..
More pics here:


jefferson lopes said...

I'll wait for your feedback about this board. I'm interested on knowing how it works rail-to-rail with this wider tail...Visually, it's beautiful!

reverb said... I tell you before, the deck looks pretty right

also the shape concept is interesting
but I think that truly difficult when the waves are cranking

-and tell ya before too, that the logotype concept and idea is waaay reaal cool

Rob?royal said...


o irmao, que saudade do floripa...
thanks, it has a bit of belly/vee in it, and it is an experiment, so the test is on...

yeah, at 5'8" I don't plan on having out when its more than head high, but will try it in some heavy reefs next week. The rail profile is really thin, I think my 1st bevel was 7/8" at the widepoint, and its only got a 1/2" in the tail, with an edge...quite thin.

anyway, we'll see. if i end up on the rocks...