Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy Days

Ok, my last post was a bit too serious....

So, I opened my email and got this from a friend and client who is sailing around the Caribbean riding a 5'8" twinzer fish I made...

all the conchy joes in the line up in st lucia have never seen anything like the board. every one of them yell abot how fast she is, and that she can catch anything.
"shit man, dat ting flyin"
it is the best board I have ever had, ever shaped, ever riden. my love affair with the green fish is propably the most perfect one in the history of romantisism"

That's just classic. Thanks Montana!

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reverb said...

...happy customers are good for the soul and sometimes provide good feedback

-checking previous post
I see a Billabong board
I used to build those around here
I think that couple years ago I posted pictures of some