Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Big Myth

F-ing surf industry....what a joke. I mean, since when did we start surfing to be industrious anyway?! I can hear the rants of Dora now...

Look hear, if you are trying to break into the surf industrial complex, be warned. You are going to probably work for a huge conglomerate, that may or most likely not have any ethical sense. Not to mention working a 'job' no different than any other professional. We all have our commitments, and responsibilities and therefore need to work in some way to fulfill them. Just don't think going to work for Brand Xtreme is going to be the cool job you expect it to be.

It is an incestuous, back stabbing, and greedy industry driven by ego and profit. No different than the banking sector that could be blamed for the mess we're all in now.

This is a genralisation of course, and there are still a few small innovative companies around, but as the recession deepens they may not last much longer. They don't get the coverage deserved because the bigger guys buy up all the advertising, and then claim these ideas as their own.

It is all a joke. Why would you want to be a part of that? Do you want someone to tell you how, where, and when to surf? Soul? Give me a break. That has long been sold to the Devil for chump change, bro....

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reverb said...

...many things to say
a possible cause is that may be all of these started when some "parachute guys" saw $ (?) in this labor

a simple thing that thanks God in daily basis, is the fact that I still can work on my own