Sunday, July 30, 2006

Island Roots

Bet you didn't know that these kind of people settled the Bahamas, hey?

Euriah Knowles, Long Island Bahamas

Jack Johnson who? Man, we does play sweet, sweet music here.

Long Island, Bahamas

Bahamians are always at the height of fashion.


Patch said...

Classic photos and an amazing history to match.

Realeza said...

yes, and they're family...for good or bad.

wish i had that last guys hat though.

Kirk said...

Aaah, I'm late on this but cool site, great photos and I'm guessing with your musical taste you've heard of Joseph Spence? From Andros, better hats and wackier guitaring than that Johnson kid could hope for.

Realeza said...

hey kirk,

thanks for the comment. ah you know haven't heard of joseph spence, but will definately have to check him out. thanks for the tip!