Friday, July 14, 2006

jenny from the block

Just had a conversation with an old 'friend' that has become fairly well off - by questionable means, no doubt. To put things into perspective, this is taking place on an island with one road from end to end(Queen's Highway it's called), with no stop lights, 3 actual stop signs, and a few loops that reconnect to the same road. the island is roughly 60 miles long, and there are just over 5000 people that live here. There are no movie theaters, shopping malls, convenience stores, and only 3 gas stations. A few mom an' pop restaurants, bars, and stores. There is only one nightclub, aptly named 'The Club,' if you want to call it a club - there's one way in and one way out through revolving bar doors.

Go back to this person in question. They are now very successful, yet claim to be still the 'true, true Bahamian' they always were. Fine, happy to hear it. Throughout the night 'erryting' was certainly not 'true true' though. Drinking only the best of whatever they had(who you trying to impress?), rolling in a very expensive car(where you going to go?), only talking to the foreigners, and avoiding locals and other friends(who's gonna help you if you really need it?) Hmm...right.

Nothing wrong with making money, we all need it these days. Nothing wrong with being successful either, I wish that for everyone.

But, seems to me, if you have to say someting like Ms. Lopez', "Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got/I'm still Jenny from the block," you certainly aren't.

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