Thursday, August 03, 2006

Save a wave we all dream about - Trestles

"Many of you live nowhere near Trestles, may have never surfed it and you might never want to. My point in inviting you to participate is that surf spots are threatened all over the world. The press and the precedent set by a successful action at Trestles could help stop projects that may threaten your home breaks." - Rob from 70%.

YOU have the power to prevent this from happening. Don't let big business or bad government ruin it for everyone.Please see the links below, and do your part to save part of surfing's heritage, and allow it to continue to give us things to dream about.

The Environment:

The Law:

Please tell as many people as you can, to get involved.



rob70 said...

Thanks Rob!

Realeza said...

hey rob,

no need, man. this is something that really needs to be addressed, especially in socal. it would be a shame to see that area developed in any way.
i used to work for a developer there(part of a sordid past i try to forget) and they couldn't understand the idea of leaving a piece of land as is.
i hope you are successful. we are fighting a development here that won't effect the surf, but will destroy miles of marine environment, and disrupt the lives of people who have been living on an island(less than 1/2 mile in any direction) for centuries.
sustainable development? hmm.. yeah right.