Sunday, January 28, 2007

Andy's Pod

Thanks Andy! Hope you like it.
6'0"x21x2 3/4" eps/epoxy with a 1/8" luan stringer.
Subtle single into double right out the tail.
Glassed 3x4oz with white opaque inlay/2x4oz. red/blue opaque pour.
Quad set up with G5s all around.


reverb said...

yeah looks good
may be you had a bit of "problem" in the pinline or may be is the pict quite different shape for me
in a 6 size...

rides good?
why the parallel rails?
the rails are 60/40 s?
seems a faster board, but stiffer or looser feeling?

what s your opinion about epoxy color work?
the results looks different than the ones that you can obtain with polyester
or depends on the technique?

whats the finish in the bottom; gloss? I cant apreciate well in the pict

a lot of question
but Im intrigued for the functional part

thank you

rob70 said...

nice color work! best epoxy swirl I've seen!

Rob/royal said...

hey reverb,

thanks for the feedback, i'll try to answer everything as best as possible.

the pinline does look a little wobbly in bits. had to do the blue in it by hand...

it isn't as straight as it looks in the picture. i think i need to be taller or something to get a good outline shot. the template is basically a fish, with a pin tail.

the dims are 6'0"x15 3/4nx21 1/2wpx15 3/4tx2 3/4 thick at stringer. or pretty close to that.

good eye on the 60/40 rails. the guy i made it for is stout so i carried a bit of the thickness out to the rails, and kept them softer than normal to make it more versatile, and forgiving. lately, i have been really into rounded rails, sort of inspired by tom wegener. there is a tucked edge, but further under than normal - did that make any sense at all?

color work with epoxy is funny, because it seems they don't pull out like poly. for example, when i did this i catalysed everything, mixed up some white, then separated into 2 pots. i added the red/blue to make the final colors, and in another cup, i poured a little red, then added some blue. i poured that on. then poured red into blue and poured that on the board. then poured blue into red and poured that on. let it sit for a minute or so, then picked the board up off the stands and let the resin run around a bit before pulling it across the glass. once it was spread, i let it soak for a minute again before pulling out all the excess-which there was a lot. you have to be careful, because it takes so long for epoxy to kick, you can easily cloud the colors by moving/blending too much.

the bottom is glossed, but didn't buff up as much as i hoped.

hope that helps, my fingers are sore from typing...

rob/royal said...

hey rob,

thanks man. means a lot.

rob/royal said...


i haven't ridden this one yet, but it is the sane as my personal board, but 1" longer. mine is a twinzer, and it doesn't have the concaves. super fun, looser than a fish, but paddles, glides the same. the twinzer gets a bit squirelly in punchy waves, but that's because i have only g5s as main fins, not proper twin sized fins.

anyway, i hope that andy will let me know how it goes soon.