Saturday, January 27, 2007

Desperately seeking...Knistle

Thanks to Jeff Lopez, I am desperately looking for a book
called, "Surfboard Design and Construction" by James F Knistle
It is dated, and probably self-published, but it contains some real gems of knowledge.
Anyone got one they want to part with?
love this part of the sole review:
" If anyone knows the author, let him know there is a market for this book, particularly an updated version, where 40-something, former surfers could confidently execute a really cool father/son or father/daughter project. If you surf, have the desire and some basic building skills, this book is a must-have for your library!"


Jefferson Lopes said...

Hi Rob,
Be cool! I'll send you a copy as soon as the WQS event at Santinho's beach is over. Take care!

rob/royal said...

lol, i thought i was cool?

thanks jeff. again, you're a lifesaver.