Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Are there still original ideas? - edited 22/02

I decided to edit this post, because it sounded a bit preachy, and after re-reading it just plain lame. I was super stoked to see other people making similar designs, without any apparent collaboration. I still am. Amazed in fact. And that all these things happened to come to my, albeit limited, attention around the same time intrigued me. Coincidence? Cosmic linkage? Don't know, but sure get's me all fired up to go shape something...


Patch said...

Great minds must think alike

Rob?royal said...

Hey patch,

I wouldn't be so bold as to claim greatness, but am certainly stoked to see people making similar boards.

Thanks for reading!

Erik Hakon Olson said...

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I'm stoked to see my board on this one! It somehow looks better on here than on my own page!

I'd be glad to talk design ideas with you. You can hit me up at the email address on my blog.

All the best,