Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Ever notice that before you finish one project your mind is already on the next?
ADD or what? Anyway, been playing around with fish templates, got to love APS3000,
and think this is next. 5'8"x21x2 3/4.


Anonymous said...

Did I write this post?

My thoughts exactly. Want to shape that exact shape next. Still glassing my stick now and I am thinking of how I can shape my next one differently.

Once I get it in the water I will forget about the next one, but until then...

Cool shape. Love it. Single fin?


Jefferson Lopes said...

Hi Rob,

Nice curves! I liked the nose area outline. Photos, please!

Rob?royal said...


thanks. will be a quad, but i think without the wings it could be super fun single, yeah. kinda like a extra short bumble bee style.


thanks man. i have to finish the turqouise fish first, but will start glueing up the blank next week i hope.