Saturday, November 10, 2007

6'2" zappy quad

heavily inspired by the pods i love, and the lazor Zap!

wide in the tail, for that fishy flat spot coverage
but with double concave for lift and drive.

just need some resin and cloth...


reverb said...

hey Rob
do you have experience with those super rounded tails?

this design is one that I have many doubts
may be tweaking and playing with the fins...

so, if you have feedback for other boards
pass on me

thank you

Rob?royal said...

hey reverb,

i have had 3 boards with super wide, round tails, and they have all rode well.

the first was 6'0"x21 1/2 made from a real 6'2C a long time ago, set up as a thruster. I spaced the fin cluster out a bit, with the front fins at 14" from the tail. It worked well in anything but OH+ waves.

I have one now, a 5'11" twinzer, with a pintail, but same width, and love it. I have also made a 6'0" quad for a friend, with more of an egg style nose, and he loves it.

I think they go best as quads, as the wide tail almost NEEDS the extra fin area to keep it in control. especially in more solid surf.

I had several super-wide tailed boards as a kid, back in the 80s(getting old now, lol) and a lazor zap/Horan styled single fin and really liked the easy speed they had. These had really thick rails, but I have thinned the rails on this one to help them overcome some of the bouancy of afat rail/tail, but keep all the planning area.

basically, its a fish template, with pulled in nose, and a round tail...