Friday, November 23, 2007

this winter's work

Reclaimed timber drying out(from being in the rain) to turn into my 1st wooden board. As my real job is in the building industry, I have access to several commercial dumpsters. The amount of waste from a building site is criminal. These timbers are used solely for the base plates of scaffold to rest on so they don't sink in the mud. Now, new health and safety regulations declare them too narrow to use, so the builder has put 2 pallets of this wood into a dumpster. They say it will get recycled - basically turned into chipboard some kind. To me, that's wasteful at best. So, with any luck it will be transformed into a 6' +/- quad pod.
The other projects are 2 longboards for local Internet gurus OrangeBus. Picked the gear up today, and they are some seriously stoked guys.
Looking forward to these.

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