Wednesday, December 26, 2007

dey coming bouy...

Junkanoo 2007
Exuma, Bahamas
Much like carnival in Brasil, these groups make their own costumes out of paper mache, and carry these ornate creations while dancing and playing instruments. There are groups of dancers, brass bands, and huge goat skin drums so loud you feel it in your heart.

Big sense of African roots this year.
This groups' theme was Love
It starts at 4am on Boxing day, and goes on until the sun comes up. Everyone dancing, laughing, and generally having a great time. And, these groups make these costumes with money out of their own pockets. Now, if I could only get the music online for you to hear...

When the last of the group passes, you jump in behind, shake your things, and this is called 'rushing,' but its just plain fun.

"we go rushing, we go rushing through the crowd..."

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jefferson lopes said...

Hey Rob,

Nice colours in the costumes. Maybe a board painting based on this colours would be fine...Enjoying your stay at home, ha!