Monday, May 12, 2008

6'8" for tom

sure was fun stretching out my 5'10" template....


reverb said... you know in Swaylocks, you know what s my opinion about the big fishes

anyway that outline looks very clean
(I dont see the details, so I cant say nuthin about)

but if you can obtain that outline in less than 5 10, you re onto something

keep it with you

Rob?royal said...

hey reverb,

yah, i agree if its over 6' its not a fish....

this is the same outline as my 5'10" fish, just pulled out a bit... looks shorter in the pics.

clayfin said...

I'm getting ready to shape a big fish, 6'8", errr, I mean a funboard! would love to see a straight on shot of your template, (so I can copy it :-))

clayfin at yahoo