Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pump up the volume

Filled out MR style template. Loads of volume in the center, for all the rubber we have to wear up here. Double concave center through fins, with slight vee behind the wings.


reverb said...

...looks good

may be the very nose too thick for my taste

did you put the wing in front of the side fins?
in the pictures seems that
or may be the guy put the back foot forward..

Rob?royal said...

hey reverb,

thanks a lot for the comments.

the nose is 14" but does have a bit of center volume. In winter we have to wear 6mil suits and all trimmings so a bit of foam is a good thing...

The wings are at 10 3/4" so the trailing edge of the fin lines up with the wing. The idea was to allow the guy to pivot off the center fin for tight turns, hence a little vee from the wing back...

reverb said...

...just see

with regards to the nose, I refered about the thickness and in the very nose (first couple of inches..)
the nose area looks fine and ok for your thick rubber

cheers fella