Friday, September 12, 2008

Nothing New Under the Sun

Its funny. Surfing has been around longer than recorded history, and now is probably more popular than ever. Which means there are more minds at work in designing boards than ever. Yet we continually go back to old stuff, whether by choice or accident. "Why is that?" I wonder.

For all of those claiming to have 'new ideas,' it's worth doing your history homework first, and paying a little homage to the past.

Clyde Beatty and Steve Brom were there way before any of us.

two steps forward, 5 back...


reverb said...

well this is a conversation that needs couple of hours at least

to say a bit, the guys doing retro stuff is just that retro stuff
something made in the present (new) but mimics the old ones

in a more newly shapes,
the templates are the same or similar or with tweaked parts here and there
but only the outlines
all the others parts are differents
and the most important parts like fins and rocker are very different

also the new rocket fishes are very differents

but the main roll is in the materials
the design will change with other materials or techniques

even with these same materials
now are FAR better than the PU s PS s Resins and fibers in those old days
the foam change a lot in mid 80 s
before that 60 % was crappy foam
included Clark USA and Brazil, Burford, Bennet and Surfblanks in Aussie land

INCREDIBLE that today I just thinking something like that

but think what is the crap that still is crap an expensive
and that are the only guys who do money with surf: WETSUITS
those havent any fucking modification in 20 years!
only marketing mods!
think about that

Rob?royal said...
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Rob?royal said...


good points. I was just referring to some people that are claiming things wothout knowing their history.

Also, isn't it odd that we are still trying to make boards that work a certain way?

just a bit of paying homage to past masters, and some food for thought...