Sunday, November 16, 2008

8'6" cheater quad for test(me)

brown pigment bottom, orange deck with other colored goodies, and wood 747 styled fins.
wetsanded gloss coat for a bit more speed on those chunky winter days...


reverb said...

...Orange rolls, Angel s spit
I remember that S Youth song

well, too big for my taste
but you obtained a very good outline out of that dim
I like those pale colors too
in the pict, the fins look very in the tail
is it in that way or is an illusion?

Rob?royal said...

thanks reverb,

the fins are in a pretty standard quad placement, but you're right they look right on the tail.

sonic youth, yeah! was listening to Daydream Nation while sanding this thing too... crazy cosmic link there...

Surfing and Nature said...

Looks all time man, maybe up in the north east this weekend depending on the weather and would love a go... cheers, Dan

Rob?royal said...

hey dan,

just pm me and maybe we can link up

thanks for your comments