Sunday, January 18, 2009


The super kind folks over at Phoresia have asked for an interview with me!

Unbelievable, the last shaper they interviewed was Josh Hall, so that's saying something...

Thanks so much to everyone what has helped me along in my journey to this point, and to Phoresia for supporting the custom surfboard industry by doing these features.

For those that don't know, Phoresia is an online magazine/blog for all things surf, and environmental. They do some really cool stuff, and are definitely worth spending your valuable time checking out.


maggie said...

Woo hoo-- Go grassroots!
I'm stoked for you Rob!

Rob?royal said...


thanks so much.

i'm just so stoked, i don't know what to do...

btw i haven't forgotten about the pics, just super busy, sorry.

thanks again

Patch said...

Excellente Roberto! Way to go man, look forward to the read.

reverb said... for you

Rob?royal said...

thanks everyone!