Monday, March 16, 2009


moved into a new flat/shop and despite living in the 1st world, still have no phone or internet...

so, here's a few of the latest projects for now...
8'0" longfish and a 6'6" tradfish with tiger pigment bottom.


reverb said...

...the art looks fresh and fluid

-is expensive have a shop in England?

I have been trying to move in the last years but too much expensive for me yet
and I really need more space

Alexandre said...

cool blue tint mate, i dig it a lot.
I'll have to rob it from you ;)

jefferson lopes said...

Hey Rob,
Nice bottom of the longfish! Is it 2 or 4 fins?

Kirk said...

love those concaves/channels/ditches! No phone, no internet- I bet you're getting some work done.