Thursday, May 04, 2006

sad state of affairs indeed

"Hi Robert,
Many thanks for your enquiry and interest shown for surfboard production.
We are sorry to say we do not have any surfboard production in the ** anymore.
All our surfboards are made in the Far East. Due to the competitive industry we could not continue to manufacture products in the **.
All our product range is now produced overseas.
We unfortunately do not have any positions available.
Many thanks for your interest."

Huh, well that sucks, doesn't it?!

See what happens when you buy a board from costco/walmart/cheapo... people lose jobs. it's that simple.


rob said...

Oh man. Keep building boards and your brand, and you'll be doing the hiring.

Realeza said...

thanks for the encouragement.

it's not just me that i'm worried about though.

thanks again though. will do my best.

Anonymous said...

Jefferson Lopes
In the 80's I used to be like a "shape guru" in my area. Now, I'm a beggar...

Realeza said...

hey jeff,

yes, i see that happening all over the place now...