Monday, April 20, 2009

Personal Day

The Biofoam fish glassed...
Inlay deck, check, flip, glass bottom, check, flip add logo and clear wrap, check, hotcoat deck, check, flip, glass on fins, check, hotcoat bottom..
whew...what a day...


jefferson lopes said...


In this ritm, in short you will be making a board to the Queen, or to her grandsons (haha)

reverb said...

...I like the Magenta/Red in the deck
with the light pastel Blue besides

-man, how do you have such a clean speaker in that corner?

Rob?royal said...

ola maestros!

Thanks for the kind words. I'd love to get a Royal commission....har har...that would be classic!

That corner is near the blow off for the comprssor, so once a day it gets blasted clean...or, it must be the sound waves from the loud music keeping the dust away, lol

thanks for your feedback, and good waves!