Tuesday, April 07, 2009


A couple weeks ago I had the exquisite pleasure of meeting up with the kind folks at Fluid Concept in Scarborough, UK. They make really lovely boards, and specifically high performance, hand made, parabolic eps/epoxy speed demons. I was really blown away by the attention to detail, and stoke they have for making boards. 

Super humble, these guys have so much talent, and the intelligence in design to calculate the U value for each board to show its exact carbon footprint. Gnarly...

But, on top of all that, they are still amped to surf - and some heavy/sketch waves at that! - and enjoy all aspects of the waterman lifestyle.

There is also a movie being made from the area - where the image above comes from - called 900 miles. From what I've seen it looks like a solid film , and I'm looking forward to the release.

Check out the Board and Rider blog for more about these low key surf maestros, links to the film, and other cool stuff.

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