Tuesday, April 07, 2009

tiger stripe Trad quad fish for Simon in Devon

a couple more pictures here:


clayfin said...

you are just killing it lately!

Rob?royal said...

hey clay,

thanks a million. I've packed in the corporate job to focus on making boards full time...so much to learn...

thanks again!

reverb said...

...yes, and the best way is just that
going boardbuilder not only a shaper

you ll obtain better sense of the building and design than many shapers

I learnt lot of tricks, etc in the hard way
with internet and help from fellas, etc
now is very easy to achieve some degree


Rob?royal said...

hey reverb,

you're right. I've been lucky that the people I learned the basics from also do it all - shape/glass/finish etc. - its just amazing to see something go from blank to polish in the hands of a master(not me, lol)

I'm still learning, and will probably always be, but thats the fun part...